The Salt City Drum Smokers Difference

Versatility and Portability

Multiple cooking temperature ranges and light weight

The Salt City Drum Smoker is the ultimate smoker operating for any type of cooking style: *Low & Slow* or *Hot and Fast*. The standard SCDS comes with four adjustable caster wheels and weights under 100 lbs.

Heat Distribution

Diffuser Plate

Our tiered diffuser plate covers the charcoal basket to distribute the air flow in an upward convection style air movement. Creating even cooking temperatures throughout the cooking chamber.

Air Flow

Air intake and Exhaust

One air intake pipe and the center exhaust pipe create the perfect air flow to maintain consistent temperatures. The Stainless Steel damper controls allow for easy micro adjustments.

Auto Temperature Controller Integration

Rear and Side temp probe ports

Use the rear auto temperature controller port to consistently monitor the smoker internal cooking and food temperatures. Auto temperature controllers create a steady cooking profile, while spending less time tending the smoker.


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